Our Story

Rescue Hope was born in a small Mexican town named San Fernando. It was there that  an ER doctor from Montgomery, Texas  found the passion for medicine that he had lost.  Years of fighting insurance companies to help his patients and mountains of paperwork had drained the love for practicing medicine he had felt as a young doctor.

Dr. Micah Tomlinson traveled to San Fernando on his first mission trip. What he saw and experienced there  would light an ember that would burn within him over the next several years. He saw men, women, and children dying of curable diseases. He saw thousands of people receive Christ because they were open to hearing the gospel from those who had traveled a great distance from another country to care for them.

Over the next thirteen years he continued to lead medical teams to Mexico and  Haiti.  Eventually, God called him to leave his private practice of medicine and to enter into full time ministry.  This ministry is called Rescue Hope, and it exists to connect healers with those in the most desperate need of healing. Rescue Hope encourages and equips doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to join them on international medical mission trips.  The name Rescue Hope depicts the rescue of those suffering physically by providing  medical care to them and to those suffering spiritually by sharing Jesus with them. Rescuing the hope of the American doctor came as a bonus.